Friday, October 9, 2009

re-opening of shop.....

Yesterday was a great day! It was my first day opening our shop back up after being closed for a month.
We had a few minor set backs, but we are up and running better than ever and with a whole new look!

It was nice to see all of the regular customers and we also had quite a bit of new folks in yesterday. We also had some wonderful ladies from Pa that came in.  My husband and I met 2 of the ladies at Antiques in the Woods Show that we did in September.  Martha came to pick up her new fireplace that she had  ordered. Enjoy!
Thanks to all who came yesterday. Keep a watch for my Christmas Open House coming soon!



  1. Good morning Susan,
    I will be looking for you at the The Simple Goods Show. I am going to look up your shop and see how far it is from me. Congrats on your re-opening.