Tuesday, October 20, 2009

My 3 Sons.....

These are my 3 sons! Josh, Jesse and Tyler.
Jesse wasn't feeling good in this picture, as you
can tell by his eyes.
Jesse is 28, Tyler and Josh are 24.

Didn't get my daughter! Doc. was wrong when
he said that I was having a girl. Instead..... here comes
Jesse! This adorable 6 lb. boy.
Jesse is my artist! It's amazing the things that he draws.

Then came the twins, which I didn't know I was
having twins until I delivered the first one. The
doc. said there is another one in there! I was shocked!
I couldn't speak!
And......again, no girls!
I wasn't prepared for 2! I was so affraid that I would
get them mixed up, because they are identical.
Who knows if I haven't! LoL!
But.....I did get a girl.  My beautiful Granddaughter!




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